All our leather products are made of real leather. All our waxed leather items are painted/waxed after production, this also makes the leather much more softer to touch. Therefore the appearance of each jacket is completely unique due to the shading that occurs as a result of the waxed leather. The beauty of natural leather means that variations in shade, colour and flecks are as a result of the natural product and its genuine appearance that differs from PVC material. Leather is more durable and robust because of its natural qualities. We are proud to say that our items are all hand stitched, with a great eye for detail and craftsmanship. If you've purchased leather apparel like a coat or jacket here are some key things you can do take care. Leather should be treated like a valuable item, and to maintain its quality there are some general guidelines that can be followed. 

Dry Clean Only

Leather jackets will have varying reactions to water and chemicals, so dry cleaning usually offers a safe way to clean the jacket without causing permanent discolouration, fading, or chemical stains.

Dry cleaners typically have the best tools and products to help restore, protect, and remove stains from leather without damaging it. They are also more skilled at working with different types of leather grains and can usually gauge which products will work better for different types of leather grains.

Don't cover leather in plastic 

Leather is an animal byproduct, just like our skin needs to breath, so does leather, covering it in plastic in the long term prohibits that. Leather can experience mildew in surrounding that are too humid. 
Leather conditioners can be purchased to apply and preserve the quality of leather and further retain moisture. 

Wide wooden hangers

Wide wooden hangers are great for jackets as properly support the shoulders when hanging. Try not to fold your leather apparel as can leave creases that take longer to smooth out. 

Waxed outerwear can sometimes need airing

Waxed leather jackets make the leather more water resistant and are treated in a wax solution. When produced they are packaged up for protection, so when when opened by customers they can sometimes have a distinctive smell. All you need to do is air the jacket out for a couple of days near a window. This is normal. 

Rain and leather

Raindrops may cause spots to appear, let the item dry naturally, this will maintain its colour. If you condition it properly, you can wear your leather jacket in the rain without worrying about damaging it. Dry at room temperature, never in the sun or a heat source

Keeping your jacket away from chemicals 

Keep chemicals away from your jacket and use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt